We love adventures, animals and nature... and we love making prints. Following this logic, the idea for our Adventure Print Trip was born.

We self-funded our first Adventure Print Trip to China. We went looking for the almost extinct Snub Nosed Monkey. This strange and beautiful animal lives way up in the mountains of the Yunnan province. To find and photograph this animal we had to travel about 48 hours from Lijiang; this involved night trains, taxis, mules and cable carts. 

We made three videos to document our trip and give a detailed picture of how and why we make our prints.  


Part 1 - Adventure Print Introduction


Part 2 - Finding the Snub Nosed Monkey 


Part 3 - Making the print 


We created the print in three different colorways. You can find them in our web shop. In buying our products you support nature preservation organisations (like Stichting AAP). 


Snub nosed monkey fabrics:

Main colours - Summer Colours - Winter Colours

Snub nosed monkey wallpapers:

Main colours - Summer Colours - Winter Colours