How we take pictures

When taking pictures it's important for us to think about what we are going to use the picture for. Is it a picture we'll be using for the Socials? Or are we going to use it as a reference for our illustrations? Both require a different approach. Although sometimes, when we're lucky, we can use them for multiple purposes.

Taking a picture that will be used just as it is, you have to look for a good composition/colour/moment/subject/focus/etc. A picture cab be out of focus, but still be great because it captures a certain feeling. But when taking a picture that later on will be used as the base for a drawing, you have a different set of requirements. It's important that the subject is photographed as a whole. Every part needs to be sharp. Also it's better to have an image with lot's of contrast. You have to think carefully about the angle you are taking the picture from. And sometimes you even need to take pictures of the same subject from different angles. Just so you have some to choose from when you start drawing.

Besides taking different types of pictures, we also do a lot of filming in between for our adVEENtures video's. We Currently we are using the Sony a7R MarkII an a Sony a6300 with all different kinds of lenses. Using these camera's it's easy to switch between photographing and filming mode.

*The picture above was the inspiration for the leafy background of our Bali monkey print below.


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