VeenPrints x Wasteboards; making a skateboard from plastic bottle caps

We aim to only have our prints on eco friendly products. In search of new possibilities we came across a really cool company called Wasteboards. They create colourful skateboard decks out of recycled plastic bottle caps. We met up and they invited us to make a board together! They warned us, it wasn't going to be easy to recreate one of our VeenPrints on a board. But we don't easily back down from a challenge!

We started with adjusting our design. Because we're working with melted bottle caps, it limits the amount details we could put in our design. Our designs are mostly quite intricate. So we had to skip the thin lines and and small details and go for a more simplified design. 

After that the sorting of bottle caps began! Out of a huge box filled with all different kinds of caps we made a selection of colours. Jonathan explained to us that there is quite a difference between the caps. He showed us which we could use and which would be have to sent back to the recycling factory. The different kinds of caps are made from different kinds of plastic, some don't melt well or at a different temperature, some will brake, etc.

After a while of digging through a large amount of caps, we got what we needed. We washed the caps to limit the amount of discolouration during the melting process. And cut up the black caps to make make small strips which we could later use to make our signature line work.

On top of a base made out of small pieces of melted plastic (which the guys from Wasteboards kindly prepared for us while we were sorting caps) we started placing the caps to create our design. Because the edges of the caps melt slower than the middle we had to put a couple of layers on top of each other. The last layer consisted out of the black pieces to make the line work.

Once everything was melted together, the now one large piece of hot plastic was put in a mould and pressed together and was left to cool. When released from the mould the shape of the board was clearly visible. The only thing left was to cut of the redundant pieces et voila: Our VeenPrint board was done! The left over pieces are then broken up and re-used to make the base of new boards. So there is no waste!

We had a lot of fun making this board, and trying to recreate our fox print with old bottle caps. We learned a lot during the process. Check out our video for the whole adventure/making of!

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