New and improved Bats print

As you may know, we went on a trip to Bali at the end of 2017. There we came across a huge cave by the sea, full of bats hanging from the rock ceiling. We were instantly inspired. So when we came home, the first Bali inspired print we made was the bat print.

Now a couple of months have past and something just didn't feel quite right about the print. That's why we decided that the print needed another go-over. We were happy with the bats, and with the Balinese tempel statues we incorporated. But the rest of the background was missing this cave vibe we were looking for. We also love it when the background has a level of complication, which we were missing.

Back to the drawing board! We did some research on illustrating a rock like texture. And came up with a style we thought would work best for this particular print. While creating this new background, we felt the print asked for new colorway, so we created two :)

We believe it's always good to create - in stead of just talking about ideas and things you would like to make. When you do that, it's never too late to go back, take another good look at what you created. And if it doesn't feel right, rethink your work. *Except of course when you're working with a deadline, then make sure you build in times to reflect ;) 

Updated version

Previous version 

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