Socks! And the story behind our MACAW logo

Another brand new item in store! Next to caps, cushions, chairs, wallpaper, fabrics and more we present our very own MACAW socks! 

Veen macaw socksWhen you order a 4 pack we will send it to you in a custom made VeenPrint box!

VeenPrint box socks 4 pack

The story behind our logo, why the birds?

When we travelled trough Costa Rica 4 years back (reportage film) we saw the beautiful Scarlet Macaw's in the tree tops. We noticed they traveled in groups and we asked a local guide if they travelled together with their partner. He told us they travel together with family before they choose a partner.

We related to the Macaw's because we also travelled together as brother and sister and used the Macaw silhouettes as our logo. 

Learn more about the Scarlet Macaw

VeenPrints Logo


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