Even in our spare time we're constantly on the lookout for new inspiration. While running we came across lots of cormorants and came up with the idea for a cormorant print. But also when watching some tv we come across things that inspire us.

Take for example the British program Travel Man starring comedian Richard Ayoade. (He also starred in the hilarious IT crowd and played his part in one of favourite shows of all time: The Mighty Boosh) In the show he travels to different cities all over the world along with a fellow comedian for 48 hour trips. In just two days they explore the city highlights and enjoy the local cuisine. 

We can relate because we often have little time to see everything we need and want to see. So we dive in and try to make the most of the time we do have always on the lookout for adventure.

Ayoade does it, very well informed, with fun, ridiculous and informing facts. Always with his very dry sense of humour. Because he only has 48 hours, he has the days all planned out.

We do some research about the places we go to and especially about the animals and nature in that area. But we often stumble upon things that later on turn out te be the best parts of our journey. This works quite well for us, but it wouldn't hurt if we would do a little more research like Ayoade, and learn a bit more about for example the history of the place and baby some fun facts ;)

Either way, we love watching the show and get inspired to travel new places whilst giggling :) 

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