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We use many different disciplines. We take photo's, illustrate, make video's, create garments, do all of our own graphic design, make 3D models, upholster furniture, etc, etc. We use every tool in our creative toolbox we feel a project needs and make it our own. I think that's why we sometimes find it hard to quickly explain what it is that we do.

Often people ask us: 'Maareh, wat doen jullie nou eigenlijk?' (Dutch) Which roughly translates to: 'But hey, wat is it exactly that you guys do?'. For them we made a newspaper. 

We wanted to give people the opportunity to learn about us, our adventures and illustrations at their own pace, at a time that suits them. The feeling of having a newspaper in your hands instantly gives you the idea that this is not just a tagline, it is a story. And you immediately approach it in a different way. Plus we had the opportunity to fill many of the large pages with our prints <3

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