Cormorant print improved

It's never too late to (re-)create! A while ago we decided to upgrade a couple of our prints. The first one was our Balinese Bat print. The second: our Cormorant print. We decided the print needed a different background. One more reflecting the cormorant's city environment: the city of Amsterdam. 

Somehow we ended up taking pictures on the coldest day of the year here in Amsterdam. (Redering some of our equipment useless.) Luckily our camera's just need a tiny push of a button to take a picture. And even with frozen fingers we managed to take new shots of some of the iconic buildings surrounding the IJ.

With the pictures we made a collage, which we then traced to give it the illustrative feel we were going for. And because it is such an Amsterdam inspired print, we decided to go all XXX for this one. Using white, grey and of course red.

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