Check, 1, 2, 3!

The 3rd batch of VeenPrints x Redbubble products arrived today! A legging, laptop sleeve, scarf and two notebooks. We ordered different products with different prints to check the quality of the product aswel as the quality of the prints.

So far we are quite pleased apart from little color differences between products with the same print. This is probably because Redbubble manufacture their products in different places. We deleted the pouches from our site (see previous quality post) and also the notebooks. The print on the pouches was quite bad, and although the notebooks look good, we feel that the prices were to high voor a small A6 blanc notebook.

One product we really were looking forward to was the scarf, and it did not disappoint! It looks and feels great! Sharp print, good color, and a nice thin, comfortable fabric (100% polyester).

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