Shopping for a Veen printer

Its exciting to get new gear. No matter what it is. We love new camera's, snowboards, computers, etc. And now we are looking at industrial printers! Something completely different and off course a much more costly thing.

We started out searching for the highest quality wallpaper and we tested our VEEN prints out at several stores and found a great print shop. But the prices are high, because our orders are small. Next to that we also want to test out our prints to see if they look as great in real life as on screen.

Printers, printing, veenprint, latex, solvent

Since we are no experts in printers, we called several dealers and got some referrals. Today we visited the Signtop print shop near Utrecht. Mark and John kindly explained us the different in models and the difference between latex and solvent printing. 

We are leaning towards the solvent because it is much less expensive and smaller. And when we grow, the printer will grow with us. But for now its still a nice peace of gear witch we would love to play with :)

Ricoh, printing, printer, veen, prints

For now we still need to figure out the details and exact costs. We will let you guys know what we chose so you all can come buy and print some stuff just because we can.

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