Next to our Veen Print scarfs for adults we now also have tiny Veen Print Scarfs for kids! 

It's a different approach on a scarf than usual, looks a bit like a bandana :) The scarf is easy to put on and kids love them because of their bright colors! They look cool and can compliment any outfit or use them as a stylish bib for when your kid is toothing. And it's the perfect holiday gift for someone's newborn.

All the scarfs are hand sewn by us. They are 65 cm wide with Veen print on the front side and a black cotton on the back side. They are available in several prints, and we're constantly working on new prints and scarfs so subscribe to our newsletter and we'll keep you up to date!

They're only available in a limited amount for now, because they are all hand sewn by us. If you have any requests, please email us at

Check out all the scarfs in store here

Veen Prints blue polar bear print kids scarf Veen Prints fox print kids scarf

Veen Prints black and white birds print kids scarf Veen Prints green crocodile print kids scarf


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