Putting up the WOLVES & FOXES Wallpaper for the fist time.

The very first print we drew is the FOXES & WOLVES Print. Not many people know this, but we started that print because Jack was born (the little boy in the bottom picture) and his middle name is WOLF. We studied the Wolf's anatomy but also found some great Fox examples and ended up combining them. These references came from books and the web. Later on we started taking the pictures ourselves. Whenever we get the opportunity to take pictures of animals we do! The abstract color-way contributed to the Fox print becoming our most well known print.

We decided to decorate a wall in Jack's bedroom and also take the time to take some pictures. Mike Becker our German friend helped us out by shooting the images so we could both be in the pictures :)

For us this was the second time we put up some wallpaper and everything went pretty smooth! Even though the wall presented us with some challenges, we had to go in and around two corners.

We are working on a detailed description of al the steps you have to go through to put up the wallpaper. These instructions will be included with every roll of wallpaper to come.

Check out the WOLVES & FOXES wallpaper here

Check out the WOLVES & FOXES fabric here

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