StudioVeen Theater Commercial @ EYE - CineMeow

We helped CineMeow out with their Promotion & Animations. 

How they describe themselves on FB:

CineMeow is an event that strays, like the cats we support. Going from cinema to cinema to show only films about cats. The fundraiser for furry friends.

We made a commercial that is shown before the movie starts and are super proud! The first time the commercial aired was the first of Oktober 2015 in the EYE theater in Amsterdam. It was shown prior to the movie 'ROAR'. A movie that never premiered in the states when it was released back in 1981. This because it was filmed with real lions, chetahs and panthers and a lot of crew members got hurt! A film that scared us, but also inspired us to make some big cat prints. 


Our good friends from boothnation where there. They are also official sponsor of Cinemeow. And of course we went in their special Scream Booth.

We made a special movie about the event:

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