New Veen Prints

As you might have noticed, we've been very productive lately :)
Our new studio in Amsterdam Noord brought us a lot of new inspiration! Reupholstering chairs, making T-shirts, cushions and espadrilles. But we also did what we do best: make prints.

In the last couple of weeks we made four new prints in a couple of different colorways. We took our inspiration from all over the place. Like a trip to texel and we made our version of a camo print.

All prints are available in wallpaper and fabric.

DUST CITY black lines, blue and beige 

Dust City - Beige with black lines

Dust City - blue

Dust City - beige

PHEASANTS - spring and autumn

Pheasant - Spring

Pheasant - autumn

IVY day and night

Ivy - day

Ivy - night

FLY FISH - sand, sea and morning

Flying fish - beige

Flying fish - sea

Flying fish - morning


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