We are Bo and Luke van Veen, a brother and sister from Amsterdam. VeenPrints is a creative collaboration, born from our professional experience in graphic design and our passion for prints and patterns.

We are inspired by nature and all its beauty but also aware of our own footprints. Our designs are available as fabric, wallpaper, five panel caps and basically anything we feel needs a print. We re-upholster chairs and stitch our own shirts and couch cushions for instance.
It’s all about the print.


We love adventures, animals and nature... and we love making prints. Following this logic, the idea for our Adventure Print Trip was born.

It’s handmade in Amsterdam

We carefully select the materials ourselves and make sure we truly know what we send out of our studio. That is the only way to guarantee that every piece meets the highest standards - ours and yours.

It started with an adventure

When we were kids, our parents took us to Africa. We totally loved the beautiful animals, nature and the excitement of travel that is a source of inspiration until this day.

It contributes to good things

Sure, we need to make a basic living from our prints. But any surplus earnings go straight to organisations that help preserve nature. So your product looks good and does good.


We also have some of our prints on products by redbubble.